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best daycare ever
"My son absolutely loved going to school. I genuinely felt my son was always well taken care of on the same level he was at home. His speech improved considerably and he learned to socialize with other children. Hands down this is the best daycare, abd I highly recommend it. They worked with me on so many levels. I really appreciated this school for my son 100%"


Finally a place that you can l...
"Finally a place that you can leave your child and know they are being well taken care of as if you left them with a relative or a very good friend. My two year old son runs to Ms. Bush when I drop him off, he's so happy to see her and all his friends. The daycare is well ran and all the staff are friendly and well trained. The staff teaches my son his letters, colors, shapes and sends homework home as well. I have researched a lot of places and none of them come close to the quality that WeeBee Kidz provide."

—DeeDee, 11/4/12, 5 Stars